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Community builds for the ZTE Open C EU

This is a archive version of the webisite, builds are discontinuous

Community builds for Firefox OS provide you with three different options (Beta, Aurora and Nightly) just as the Mozilla Firefox browser does. Those builds are targeted at all owners of European variants of the ZTE Open C. They are made possible since Firefox OS is an Open Source project. You will be able to downgrade back to version 1.3 at any time by applying the “root” procedure corresponding to your phone.

If you don't have the EU version of the ZTE Open C, or if you are not quite sure about which version you have, please refer to this page.

The first installation of a community build has three steps:

  1. Rooting your phone
  2. Downloading a version of Firefox OS
  3. Installing the chosen version

Subsequent updates will be pushed to your phone via Wi-Fi.

If you phone is already root, check if it have recovery from ZTE. If not flash recovery form ZTE (procedure below)


You will need Windows to root your phone. If you do not have any computer running Windows, it's possible to do it through a virtual machine running Windows : see the pre-requisite to root through Virtualbox.

Warning : “rooting” is a risky operation: “rooting” your phone can damage it, and can void manufacturer's guarantee !

Community builds are note guaranteed to be fully-functional. Please also note that bugs you might encounter might be caused by our build rather than Firefox OS itself. Mozilla does not officially support those community builds.

“rooting” will delete every application you have installed on your phone, and will delete the phone's data (settings, SMS/MMS, call history, contacts, calendar). Also your personal files (pictures,video,music) will be deleted, so please back them up. If you are connected with a Firefox account in the Marketplace, you will be able to reinstall you applications by connecting to that account after “rooting”.

Note: This procedure only applies to EU variants of the ZTE Open C. You can easily determine your version using the information provided on this page.

Rooting your phone consists in gaining “root” access (in other words: full access to the underlying system). You cannot undo that operation. “Rooting” your phone will install a 1.3 variant of Firefox OS. You will only need to root your phone once.

  1. Download the rooting tool Open_C_upgrade_Tool.
  2. Run Open C Upgrade Tool Setup.exe from the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Extract the file (right-click on the zip file and choose “extract”).
  4. Start the Open C Upgrade Tool software you installed previously.
  5. Warning: Make sure you only have one device connected to your computer. Do not disconnect your phone during the upgrade procedure.
    1. Please remove your SIM card before upgrading.
    2. Switch on your phone and connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
  6. Click on “browse” in the upgrade software, and select the FFOS_EU_EBAY_P821A10V1.0.0B06_LOG_DL directory you previously created by extracting the zip file.
  7. Your phone might not be recognized by your computer. The software will display “Waiting…”. If so, you will need to download and install this driver. During the installation process, you might be asked to format a disk: just ignore the message. The upgrade software should display “ready”.
  8. Check the box in front of “Erase CEFS”.
  9. You should now be in the following state
  10. Click on “Upgrade” and wait(the phone will reboot at 97%) for the “Upgrade complete” message letting you know that the upgrade is over and that your phone is rooted.

From that stage, Windows is no longer required and you will be able to work with most systems.


Note : If you have a build for flame, don't flash the .zip, re-root your phone. Other your phone will be brick

Choose and download your Firefox OS version (the file) for the ZTE Open C EU.

Type Beta (2.1) Aurora (2.2) Nightly (2.6)
Update frequency Won't be updated any more Won't be updated any more Won't be updated any more
Checksums sha1.checksums sha1.checksums sha1.checksums

Note : you can check the signature of the downloaded file using the sha1.checksums available for each download.


Once you have downloaded a community build and “rooted” your phone using the procedure above, you have the following options to install a community build.

  • SD Card
  • GNU/Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

SD Card

  • Copy the file (as-is) on a microSD card.
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Put the microSD card in your phone (in the microSD slot behind the back cover).
  • Start your phone in recovery mode by pressing both the power button and the “volume up” button. Leave the “volume up” button pressed untill you get to the recovery menu.
  • Select apply update from sdcard using the “volume up” and “volume down” keys to move around the menus, and the “power button” to validate your selection.
  • Select the file (using the “volume” buttons as stated above) and validate with the “power” button.
  • Wait during the installation.
  • Once your phone has applied the update(it will display “Install from ADB complete” and then two errors about being unable to read two files), you can reboot it using the “reboot” menu entry.


Do you have a question or a suggestion? We bring you support for the ZTE Open C EU through an IRC channel available on sur #BuildOpenCEU (you can connect using webirc with mibbit).

Main known problems

Long-standing problems

The following issues affect all the community builds :

  • Recovery say “signature verification failed” when you try to install build

You haven't the good recovery, please follow the official root procedure (see above).

  • Incorrect date/time when rebooting the phone (August 6 00:45)

In non-rooted 1.3 version, ZTE manages to make it work with proprietary software, that has not been disclosed. Cf (some work is in progress, that might lead to a fix of this issue)

Workaround : the date/time is automatically fixed as soon as a 3G connection is available

  • Sometimes impossible to wake up the phone from standby (the screen stays black)

This issue seems to also affect the official versions of ZTE. It seems to occur relatively rarely. Cf

Workaround : remove the battery and reboot the phone

Known problems currently being fixed

  • In version >=2.1, the status bar in the top of the screen sometimes freezes (wrong time and wrong icons)

It's a bug in Firefox OS, that affects all the Firefox OS devices with version>=2.1. Some work has been done on it :, https://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=1154635, but the symptom stills appear from time to time. Some work is still being done to find where it comes from : https://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=1144126. It seems to be fixed in version 2.5? (needs to be confirmed)

  • Rare crash of the phone when answering a call

This bug used to affect the non-rooted 1.3 B02 version of ZTE Open C FR. They fixed it in version B03 of FR device, but did not disclose the fix, which is inside the modem firmware. Cf Unfortunately, to our knowledge, ZTE did not provide an updated firmware for the ZTE Open C EU.

Workaround : remove the battery and reboot the phone

  • The alarm does not wake up at the right time

It seems to affect versions>=2.1. Some work has been done on it : https://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=111827. But the problem still appears : https://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=641

How to file a bug

If you have a bug when using the device (and if this bug does not belong to the list above), here is what to do :

On bugzilla, try to give as much detail as you can : which model (EU/FR), version of Firefox OS(2.1, 2.2 etc), build id (in Parameters → Informations → More informations), what happened, how to reproduce etc. If you know how to do it, attach an adb logcat. Don't hesitate to talk about it on IRC

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